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Meet our pack!

Bo: Our Boey Bear is and 14 yr old Weimaraner.  Bo is responsible for introducing us to the weim breed.  We fell in love and sought out Great Lakes Weim Rescue to see how we could help this beautiful breed.  That began our rescue journey.  Bo is also responsible for introducing us to the world of homeopathy. Bo was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. Our vet recommended seeking holistic and chiropractic care to keep him comfortable for the next 6-8 months.  We refused to accept this sentence and jumped in with both feet. After a year and a half after that diagnosis, Bo is strong and healthier than ever!  We feed our dogs raw and try to maintain a organic, holistic household.  Bo is a perfect example of how we can learn more from our pets than they learn from us!

Ellie: Ellie is our boss 😉  She keeps us all in line and is the very best foster mama ever.  Ellie and her pack of weimaraner brothers and sisters came to us from Alabama in 2010.  They were our first fosters for the rescue.  Within 24 hours we discovered the pack had the deadly disease, Parvo.  It was devastating.  We lost 3 of the six puppies.  Ellie and 2 of her brothers had to endure so much at such a young age.  After going through this fight with her, we just could not let her go.  She quickly took on the role of alpha and works very hard to keep us all in check!

Hope: Hope is our super hero!  She was a puppy mill pup from OH.  She came to us in 2015 as our 50th foster. Hope was kept in a wire cage for her first 4 months of life.  She could not stand properly, had a crushed front leg and a bashed in hip.  We were told that in order to get her back on her toes again, she would need casts to line up those bones again, intense physical therapy and braces in the long term.  Great Lakes Weim Rescue rallied around Hope and got her the help she needed and she rose to the occasion!  Hope tackled potty training in casts…in the snow…UGH!!!  She tackled all kinds of therapy and when we started fitting her for braces, Hope said, “no way!”  She showed us all how determined she was not only to walk and run but to FLY….ok so she is still working on her gift of flight but just try to stop her!!  Hope went through months of recovery in our home and when it came time to let her go, we failed.  Hope brings a fun energy to our pack and we can not imagine our home with out her!

Ernie: Ernie is the newest member to our pack.  He is a 4 yr old Great Dane (DOB 1/4/14).  He has struggled to find the right home for most of his 2 years.  We are his 7th landing place and we are so happy he found us!  He is currently working on his therapy dog certification. He is wonderful in most any situation as long as there is not a cat present 🙂 He volunteers in the community every week by going into a middle school.  He helps all the students but has really fallen for the special needs students in a couple of the classrooms there. From being chained outside for days and bounced from home to home, Ernie struggles with some separation anxiety but is responding well to some training (watch our blog for tips in this area!).  We are all a work in progress and Ernie is no exception, but with a few dehydrated beef livers as a reward, he can conquer anything! Because of his size, some dogs at camp can be intimidated, so we are very cautious with introductions and respectful of the needs of our guests.  To know Ernie is to love Ernie! He is a charmer and just wants a lot of lovin’!