Monday – Tuesday: 7am-6pm

Wednesday: 7am-5pm

Thursday – Friday: 7am-6pm

Drop off/Pick up:

We ask that you help us keep the peace in our home filled with dogs. Please let us know what time you will be arriving to drop off and pick up. Dogs must be dropped off before noon so we can all get acquainted and have a great day of play!

Upon arrival, we will go over any questions/concerns you may have and then we wave “good-bye”. Whether you have 2 legged children or 4, they all behave differently when moms and dads are around. We do not do any dog introductions until families have left. It is important that everyone understands who is going to keep them safe and happy while they are away from home. Because we are a home based play area, the dogs need to understand the expectations and boundaries. If you are hoovering around (oops…did we just call you a helicopter mom?) then it becomes very difficult to monitor behaviors. In a kennel environment, dogs would be introduced to their cages first, at STAY we are welcoming every guest into our personal space. Dogs have access to our living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Please appreciate the care we take on acclimating your baby to daycamp as well as understand the process. We will always try to give our 2 legged friends a tour of the facilities either upon arrival or when you pick up. We know you want to see where you are leaving your fur-baby. Please be sure to provide us with your contact info so we can send you pictures and videos of all the fun we are having at STAY!!! Whether it is 7 am or 6pm, we are on the move and happy to show off our experiences! We send you messages all day long so you feel apart of our very busy day!

Play by play:

Once all the day campers have arrived, we work on getting to know each other. Some pups want to play and some don’t. Some want to run and some want to sun bathe. Whatever the need, we are here to accommodate! Please be very thorough on your application so we can best place your dog with friends. We do our best to accommodate all temperaments as well as special needs.

A.M.: Greeting our new guests! Depending on our numbers (we never exceed 10 dogs/day), we will assess who wants to play together and who wants to keep the couch warm. Based on temperaments, dogs are put in small or large groups.

Noon: PLAY!!!! Not all of us want to play together, so in the event we have a group that needs more personal space, we rotate play groups. We have a multilevel home so we are able to separate groups of dogs, based on participation abilities/desires. We have many different activities dogs can participate in. We don’t like to have individual toys so there is not issues with competition/sharing. We have a 5 gallon bucket of balls that everyone can chase, we also have agility and tug of war items in the yard.


In the event we have inclement weather, we will spend the day in the barn. Our barn is an open arena that is securely fenced in. On our barn party days, we get a little dirty! The barn is full of fun sand to dig and roll in. We are happy to provide a quick bath (with all natural home made, hypo allergenic shampoo, of course!) on those fun barn days!

SNACK TIME!: When we start to see pups slowing down and needing a little break, we stop for a frozen delight! Here at STAY, we want to not only engage your dog in physical stimulation but mental as well. It is important to provide dogs with different activities to keep them on their best behavior, so snack time is also a little “brain break”. We are NEVER bored here at STAY!! We prepare frozen kongs daily. These kongs are filled with organic, fresh ingredients and provide us with a little pick me up for the rest of our play date. Please let us know if your pet has any allergies or you have concerns about what is provided. The recipe for the day is available upon request. It is our goal to help your pet become happy and confident! Fun activities and brain breaks like this will help build your dogs self esteem as well as give their brains the stimulation it craves.

P.M.: Time to pack up! We count on you to tell us what time you will be arriving. This gives us time to prepare the pack for 2 legged guests. Please respect the peace at STAY and understand that some dogs are better with 4 legged friends than 2. We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for your pet. We try to be sure your dog is prepared for you, whether that means a bath, or packing leashes, food, etc. Pick up and drop offs always increase the energy level in the pack as everyone is anticipating their mom or dad to arrive. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Slumber Parties:

We offer occasional opportunities for our regular clients to sleep over at STAY. We try to be flexible and accommodate you vacation needs, etc. Please inquire about reservations and available dates.  If you are not a regular client, please feel free to give us a call for a local referral!

When you pet spends the night with us, the same level of pampering applies (of course!). Dogs sleep where they are comfortable. We are a cage free environment but respect those dogs that want a crate at night. We have crates that can be set up and are happy to provide that for you. Does your dog like to sleep under the covers? Come on in! Does you dog like a dog bed? Cool tile? Whatever the need we do our best! We have lots of blankies, couches, beds,etc.

Breakfast is typically served at 6 am and we rest our bellies for about an hour before our normal day camp schedule begins, and the fun starts all over again!