What “raw” has done for us

Our oldest Weimaraner is now 11 yrs old.  We were such “responsible owners”, getting his vaccinations, WITHOUT fail, every year. Did I know I was poisoning my baby? OF COURSE NOT, but I was. Did I know that 10 years later I would have a death sentence handed to me in the form of “degenerative myelopathy”, OF COURSE NOT, but it happened.  In fact, so many of Bo’s ailments throughout his life could have been a direct side effect from his vaccinations.  I had no idea.

Ok, so how did I become so my “come to Jesus moment” with Bo….

Bo began to struggle with his hind end and seemed to be in pain.  I took him to the vet immediately and we began trying all kinds of medications from pain meds to nerve medications.  Nothing worked.  We did all kinds of tests and found nothing.  After watching my boy’s condition progress, my vet gently told me that I had about 6-8 months before I would have to make the very difficult decision to say goodbye.  You see this disease slowly takes over.  First dogs might become a little wobbly, then dragging their back feet, finally moving to the front limbs.  The heart breaking thing is that, mentally they are confused and depressed as they loose control of not only their ability to walk but to go the the bathroom, etc.  My vet told me that there was really nothing else to be done but to enjoy the time I had.  I asked him if there were alternatives or things that might keep him more comfortable like holistic and/or chiropractic care. He told me that it certainly would not hurt.  I was all in.  I went home and started making phone calls.  I even emailed Michigan State University, as they were doing a clinical trial for this very disease.  I ALMOST had him signed up but I had to give this holistic vet a chance.  A fellow foster family for Great Lakes Weim Rescue had taken their foster pup to a holistic vet and she got him out of a wheel chair!  I thought if she can help him, she can certainly help my Boey Bear!  AND SHE DID!  (More info on Dr. Pam’s practice) She didn’t just adjust my dog, she taught me a new way of life. She introduced me to a book by Dr. Pitcairn (Dr. Pitcairn’s website)and told me, if I was serious about Bo’s care, I would read this book and put it into practice NOW.  I DID JUST THAT.  I read that book cover to cover and after each page I implemented new practices into my home.  I stripped our house and yard of toxins, changed what I fed him, and stopped “medicating” him with prescriptions and over the counter pills like benedryl (serious allergy sufferer).  What happened?? Well I have effectively frozen his symptoms in time.  It has been almost 2 years since his death sentence was handed to me and he is doing GREAT! He goes to the chiropractor 1-2 times per month and he is the shape of his life.  NO MORE ALLERGIES, no more fatty tumors (yes, they disappeared!!), HEALTHY BOY!!

I am still baffled by the results.  My holistic vet went through his entire vet history from the moment we brought him home, and I felt so responsible.  When you see the words on paper it is so obvious, yet at the time I thought I was doing the right thing, protecting my baby.  Dr. Pam showed me that after EVERY SINGLE vaccination I was back at the vet a couple weeks later with a problem.  Vomiting, bleached fur, allergic reaction, shaking, diarrhea, etc.  Since the switch, we have only been to the vet for chiropractic visits.  ZERO health concerns.

The results were so glaring that I had no choice but to switch the rest of my pack (Ellie-6yrs and Hope-2yr) I also had to walk the talk personally, so we are drug free, toxin free and we try our best with our own diet 😉

My biggest struggle was with heartworm and flea preventative.  We love to vacation with our babies and the idea of them pick up something was a big fear of mine.  So I really had to re read and research remedies so that I did not go back to my “old ways”.  We go in for regular heartworm tests and use daily, non-toxic measures to ensure we are safe from yucky bugs!  I make my own shampoo, have a flea-tick powder I make, serve up garlic and other natural ingredients daily, etc.  The pack’s immune system is stronger than ever and they are happier than ever.  What does this all equate to?  ONE HAPPY MAMA!

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