OUTRAGE! Do you know about “Class B Dealers”??

What is a Class B Dealer? According to the Humane Society’s fact sheet, they are dealers licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to acquire dogs and cats from “random sources” to sell them to universities and other research institutions for use in experiments. In contrast, Class A dealers can only sell animals they have bred themselves. “Bunchers” are people (everyday people) that pick up pets for online (“free to good home”, etc) or out right STEALING THEM from unsuspecting people.  This is how they make money! They sell these dogs and cats for a small fee to a kennel and the kennel supplies these animals to area universities and animal testing facilities.  (AAAAHHHH!!!) Your job is to steal dogs and prey on families that are faced with the very difficult choice to give up their family pet?!  What?! The reports of the living conditions of these pets are devastating.  (CLICK HERE  for more info about Bunchers and how you can stop this practice!!!)

Some folks answering the “Free to Good Home” ads really are loving, responsible pet owners. Many–perhaps even most–are not. There are steps YOU can take to help end abuse:

DON’T advertise Free pets; DO convince others not to. Some people even take the time to phone owners of pets advertising Free to Good Home and warn them of the dangers.

DO spay/neuter to keep from creating possible Free to Good Home situations or condemning your pet to a short, miserable life in a puppy mill.

DO write letters to the editors of your local newspapers warning of the dangers of Free to Good Home.

DO contact breed rescue organizations (there is one for every breed of pure-bred dog!) or local animal welfare organizations for help in placing unwanted pets; if you bought the pet from a responsible breeder, he/she will help you rehome the pet.

DO charge at least $25 to discourage resale of pets to labs. (Some sources suggest charging no less than $100 for pure-bred dogs.)

DO take the time to interview every prospective owner. Ask for vet and personnel references, and check them, then visit the new home where your pet might be living!

DO write a letter to your congressmen in support of doing away with Class B dealers, who sell animals obtained from “random sources” to research facilities. Random sources include strays, stolen pets, seized shelter animals, animals purchased at flea markets–and pets found through “Free to good home” ads.

DO report any incidence of suspected dog-fighting to police, Animal Control, and your local Humane Society. DON’T try to stop these people yourselves; there is a lot of money involved here, and you could be putting yourself and your pets at risk if you try to intervene alone.

DO call police, animal welfare workers, even the health department, if someone in your area seems to be “collecting” cats or dogs

DO write to district attorneys, judges, and prosecutors if you hear of the arrest of any so-called collectors in your area, and urge them not only to prosecute to the full extent of the law, but also to mandate psychological counseling for these individuals in the hopes of avoiding repeat violations.

DO call police or animal welfare workers for any incidences of suspected abuse. Be willing to testify in court, if necessary. Note: what constitutes animal abuse is defined by state law. If your state has inadequate abuse laws, TRY TO CHANGE THEM! 

***taken from dogsonly.org***


So why am I talking about all of this? Well there has been a few dogs in the area that have seemingly been taken right out of driveways and yards.  I have been so upset by this and it got me wondering why would some one do that? I had never heard of this Class B crap and the more I learn the more angry I become.  The only “good news” is that as of 2016 these Class B licenses will not be renewed.  The LCA (Last Chance for Animals), has been trying to put a stop to this for many years. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE) The documented abuse and neglect allegations are appalling.  So many kennels were investigated, brought up on charges and simply paid their fines and continued on.  Reading this article brought tears to my eyes as I learned of a kennel only an hour away from me, that TERRORIZES animals everyday.  They still have an active license but will not be able to renew this year.  More has to be done to protect our FAMILY MEMBERS, our pets!  A microchip and tag attached to a collar is not effective….obviously.  We have to continue to be a voice for the voiceless.  Stand up and take action against people that hurt animals and push back on our government when they have laws in place to protect the criminals that hurt our babies.

Please read these articles and pass on this post.  Education is power.  Power leads to action.  That action may lead to the solution.

Thank you for being apart of the solution.


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