Bath Time!

Mixing up a new batch of shampoo for the pups.
1 cup Castile soap
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 T coconut oil
3-4 drops essential oils (optional)

Ingredient info/benefits:

Castile soap: all natural,  non toxic, gentle cleanser  (read more about all the incredible uses: Dr Axe-Castile Soap)

Apple cider vinegar: natural flea/bug repellent  (who doesn’t want that?!), improves growth and condition of coat, natural antibiotic, and soooo much more! (Visit: Whole Dog Journal-ACV)

Coconut oil: moisturizing, healing, minimizes dog odor (ummm, yes please!) For more info: Dogs Naturally Magazine-Coconut Oil

Essential oils: so many oils to choose from!  Please be cautious with oils and watch your dog for sensitivities.  Go to this link for further info: Mercola-EO


Helpful Tip:

I use my Norwex pet bathing mit and towel.  LOVE IT!!! So much lather…makes the shampoo go a lot further and the towel soooo absorbant.  I am sure you know a sales person but if not let me know…I have a great friend that will help you get a set!

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