Bug B Gone!

Can you believe it is February and we are talking about bugs?! As happy as I am for an early spring, I am not thrilled that I have already had my first mosquito bite! With that said, it is time to make sure our pups are protected from all the creepy crawly things!  This recipe will keep the fleas away but will also help to repel spiders and mosquitoes.  This is a great weapon to help guard your home as well.  I sprinkle this on my dogs once a month or after every bath, which ever comes first.  I also put this around my house.  I sprinkle this everywhere from doorways to mattresses.

The recipe I use was taken from http://www.primallyinspired.com/homemade-flea-powder-repellent/#.  I have used this for a couple of years now and have NEVER had fleas.  I switched my dogs to this because I had fleas take over my pack 3 years ago AFTER being treated with veterinarian recommended flea treatment. I have also one of my dogs have an adverse reaction after given the flea medication.  I have learned so much about all the toxins and harmful ingredients in these meds.  To read more about these possible side effects, please feel free to visit: MercolaPetmdDogs Naturally Magazine.


1 cup FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth

1/2 cup NEEM Powder

1/2 cup Yarrow Powder

20 drops THERAPEUTIC GRADE essential oils (Eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, peppermint, etc) **Original recipe just calls for eucalyptus, which is great but you can really research and use your own combination of oils.  IF YOU HAVE CATS DO NOT USE OILS.


Combine all ingredients together and store in a container like a mason jar.  I triple this recipe and store it in a large mason jar and refill small spice containers with shaker tops.  I put one of the spice containers on every floor of the house and in the dogs bathing supplies.  I sprinkle this down their backs and rub into their coats.  I sprinkle some on my hand to rub on their bellies and hard to sprinkle areas 😉  You will notice that after initial application, your pet will feel a little grimy but that fades away quickly.

CONGRATULATIONS you are now flea free NATURALLY! 🙂

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