Third Eye

My 2 foster brothers, Scooby and Biscuit, are blind.  I have only had them for about 5 days and as I observe their behaviors, I have been thinking and researching.  In an attempt to get them moving and increase their energy, I stumbled upon the Pineal Gland.  This little pea sized gland is responsible for the release of melatonin, our sleep/wake cycle, mood changes, and more.  So it has me wondering about how this gland functions in blind dogs??  If this gland responds to light/lack of light, I have to wonder how well this gland in functioning in these boys?!

I know this is a little scientific (translation: not fun, complicated) but to put it simply, when it is dark our bodies produce melatonin.  Melatonin makes you sleepy.  When exposed to light, the pineal glad produces serotonin.  Serotonin is a happy hormone.

Now I am no scientist but I can only deduce that Scooby and Biscuit are producing too much Melatonin and not enough serotonin.  This is typical during winter months as we loose valuable sunlight but in blind people and animals, this is a struggle 365 days a year.  Fortunately, the boys have not lost all their sight yet.  They respond very well to light. I am already seeing their energy increase as I encourage them to be outside in the natural sunlight.

The gland can also be stimulated with diet.  I have switched their diet and added coconut oil.  I know I have much more to learn and change in their diet plan.  Nutrition in our pets is absolutely fascinating to me.  (I wish I was as fascinated about learning about my own personal nutrition!!)

Whew!! The brain is fascinating but soooo complicated! I have much more to learn so I must keep diving in!  Keep your glands happy!! 😉


Bone Broth


how to make bone broth for dogs

What do you get when you cook chicken feet, beef marrow bones, garlic, vinegar and water for 24 hours???? BONE BROTH! I am always searching for healthy things to add to the raw diet I am feeding my pack.  Time and time again “bone broth” has come up.  Whether my dog is feeling under the weather, joint support, or general supplement, this ultra healing, vitamin packed broth seems to be the solution.  As if the butcher could hear my thoughts, I get a phone call from my local butcher telling me he has marrow bones and wondered if I would take them off his hands.  When a butcher gives you 45 lbs of marrow bones, you get REAL motivated to get cooking!  (Who has room for all those bones?!)

Here is the recipe I am going to follow along with some really great information about why we all should be adding bone broth to our diet!  Bone Broth Recipe

Now I am off to the chicken farm to see about some feet!!!


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